May 2017

Fl. Cl. Pn. Vln. Vc.

The chamber piece ‘Remains’ depicts the aftermath of a conflict: both the mutation of a landscape when it is left as a mere skeleton of its previous form and the lasting emotional impact that a traumatic experience has on an individual.

The two soloists, cello and violin express the emotional content of the piece virtuosic ways. In particular the cello takes on the role of a soloist in the opening and first half of the work, where the instrument’s various idioms and range are exploited; whilst further thematic material is generated. The themes have space to mutate and transform as the music continues and in particular the solo shifts from the cello to the violin. Finally, in the closing phase of the piece there is a dialogue between these two instruments where the virtuosic, thematic material is heightened around the point of emotional climax. In addition to the solo instruments, the score requires a flute, clarinet and piano, each of which responds to the soloists in various manners, helping generate a variety of atmospheric impressions on the audience.

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