Performance of 

Jutland, Lest we Forget

1st April, 2019

The Chamber Orchestra of Queen Anne's School, Caversham performed my orchestral score 'Jutland, Lest we Forget'.

A recording can be found here.

Oxford Philharmonic Workshop

22nd February, 2019

Oxford Philharmonic workshopped my new orchestral score, 'Floreat Oxford'.

The score and recording will be released in summer 2019.

Interviewing Anne Dudley, Oscar-winner

15th February, 2019

I interviewed Anne Dudley to hear about her highly successful career, writing film and TV music, as well as, being one of the founding members of the Art of Noise.

From conversation about her work on the new sequel 'Mamma Mia: Here we Go Again', to how she created her Oscar-winning score Anne was an inspiration to the audience. Not to mention her incredible live performance of the 'Poldark' theme on the Worcester College piano!

Interviewing David Pickard, BBC Proms

4th February, 2019

I sat down with David Pickard, Director of the BBC Proms, to discuss themes for this year's season and what it's like to be one of the leading classical music executives in the UK.

At the start of 2019 I arranged for David Pickard to visit music students, academics, and old friends at Oxford, sharing concerns and subtle hints towards what the BBC Proms may sound like in 2019. Appointed the music festival’s director 39 years after he first became a “Prommer” at the age of 16, he has revolutionised how we think of classical music in the modern world...

I wrote a blog reflecting on our conversation, see more here.

Screen Composer for 'Between the Spires'

12th October, 2018

I wrote the original score for the video series 'Between the Spires' which launched in October 2018. 


'Between the Spires' is a five episode series released between October and December 2019. To hear my score for the title sequence of this original series see here.

RPS Female Conductor Blog

5th July, 2019

It was a pleasure to write this blog for Royal Philharmonic Society (in partnership with ABRSM) about my experience as a young female conductor and how their course has increased my confidence on the podium. It’s a truly inspiring course, I highly recommend it to any aspiring women conductors! 

Conducting 'The Impresario

23rd June, 2019

On July 23rd I conducted a production of Mozart’s ‘The Impresario’ featuring Simon Callow in a cameo role. The opera was directed by Jonathan Bate and took place in the Worcester College gardens in Oxford.


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